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Dr. Yoho's Personal Bio

Dr. Yoho is an accomplished Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon. He was born in l953 in Richmond, Virginia. He grew up in Kent (known for the Kent State riots during the Vietnam war), a town of 60,000, in northeastern Ohio. He was an Eagle Scout and a Judo wrestler. He graduated third academically in a class of four hundred at the local Kent Roosevelt High School.

He spent four years at Oberlin College and went to Small College National Championships in Varsity Wrestling his senior year. He was then accepted at one of the finest medical schools in the United States, Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

At 22 years old, one year into his medical education, Dr. Yoho decided that he needed to "find himself" and took a two year sabbatical. After starting and managing a tree surgery business, Dr. Yoho went to Wyoming to work on oil drilling rigs. The next year was spent traveling to rock climbing areas.

Dr.Yoho climbingDr. Yoho became a master climber. He traveled to cliffs in twelve states. Climbing Half Dome then El Capitan in Yosemite (four times) were some of his accomplishments. Additionally, he published articles in climbing magazines and made "first ascents" at Devil's Tower, Wyoming and Joshua Tree, California. A poster of one of these climbs is in his office. He made an early ascent of "The Naked Edge," a classic climb near Denver, and climbed the Long's Peak "Diamond" in a mixed "aid" and "free" ascent in the late l970's in two days. Up to as recently as the mid-1980's he climbed such difficult classics as Astroman, the west face of El Capitan and the Crucifix in Yosemite, free climbing up to a mid-"5.12" difficulty level. He "flashes" mid 5.11 climbing difficulty in 2004. He climbed the Regular Northwest Face of Half Dome in 18 hours in 2004 and the Nose route on El Capitan in under 24 hours in 2005.

Dr.Yoho body buildingDr. Yoho in 1998

After returning to medical school in l978, Dr. Yoho found that body-building complemented his studies. One of his photos from this period, as well as 1998 bodybuilding photos can be seen on the wall of his office.

With the added responsibility of specialty training and professional pressures, Dr. Yoho has had less opportunity for athletics in the past decade. However, he ran 14 triathlons in the late 80's and early 90's and made time for some Kempo Karate (though he is now sidelined by injuries). He has practiced Astanga (flow) Yoga, training with the legendary 70 year old master Yogi, Frank White, at the "Center For Yoga" in Hollywood. More recently, he practiced Bikram Yoga and concludes, "it's way hot in there." (105 to 115 degrees Farenheit)

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Dr. Yoho has also had four different cosmetic procedures himself. In 1993, he had a deep trichloroacetic acid (TCA) chemical peel to improve his facial acne scarring. He had liposuction procedures in 1992 and 1995. The last procedure was performed by a trainee using the "Yoho Method" to improve the original result. In 2005, he had cheek implants. After his own experiences, Dr. Yoho understands what a cosmetic patient feels and experiences. To learn how Dr. Yoho takes care of his health, read about his own diet & exercise program.