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Cosmetic Surgery Procedures After Pregnancy

February 22, 2007

What kind of cosmetic procedures are best for me after a pregnancy? Everyone is an individual and must be evaluated in person; however, many women have deflated and saggy breasts after breastfeeding. Another common procedure performed after pregnancy is liposuction.... Read entire post.

Common Cosmetic Surgery Questions

February 5, 2007

What procedures are new in cosmetic surgery? Two procedures are now gaining popularity and we will have to wait and see just how popular they become. The first is revision of the bellybutton and the second is nipple revision procedures for women.... Read entire post.

What procedures may be wrong for most patients? When you are thinking about cosmetic surgery, you do not have to get everything on the menu. There are a few procedures, in my opinion, that have unacceptable healing times and questionable risk-to-benefit ratio.... Read entire post.

What kinds of cosmetic surgery procedures produce the most lawsuits against surgeons? The answer to this question reflects several factors. First, it reflects possibly the kind of patients and the perfectionism of the patients who are interested in each procedure. Second, it may represent the difficulty of performing a given procedure well.... Read entire post.

I have dark skin. How can cosmetic surgery help my scars? We see many patients with dark skin: Filipinos, Hispanics, African Americans and others. With special treatment, this skin types can respond beautifully to our skin care programs.... Read entire post.