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Why I Flew 3000 Miles for Liposuction

We spoke with Cindy, one of Dr. Yoho's out of town patient's who just had Los Angeles liposuction, to find out how and why she chose Dr. Yoho as her cosmetic surgeon.

Hello Cindy how are you feeling today?

I only feel like half the person I was before.

I can't believe you came all the way from Florida to have Dr. Yoho perform your liposuction. Weren't you worried about making the trip here and then returning after the surgery?

At first I was a little nervous. But after I spoke to Judy and felt her genuine warmth and concern she had for me, my doubts quickly disappeared.

Why did you select Dr. Yoho for your liposuction and fly clear across the country? Florida must have hundreds of cosmetic surgeons who could have done your liposuction.

Returning from a vacation in Jamaica, when U.S. Customs officers at the airport stopped me and insisted on searching me. The officers felt I was attempting to sneak something into the country under my dress. A female officer actually frisked me and made me lift my dress over my hips to prove I didn't tape something to my legs or hips. After it was over, the Customs officials apologized and asked that I understand. I was so embarrassed over the whole scene. When I got home I swore to do something about the way I felt.

Did you make any special preparations before coming out to California?

No, not really, I got up early, had a shower and took one last look in the mirror at what I intended to leave in California.

Is everyone waiting back home to see the new you?

No, not this time. I did have liposuction about 4 years ago and told everyone. Unfortunately, the surgeon did not achieve the significant results that I and everyone expected. I was crushed and felt so foolish about getting everyone excited about what didn't happen.

How disappointing! Didn't the doctor tell you what to expect or make any recommendations?

He told that the only way he could promise me the results I wanted was to have sections of my saddlebag areas surgically removed. That meant slicing my outter thighs open and removing the fat. It really scared me and was too risky for me to even consider. Not to mention the ugly scars I would be left with.

Sounds awful. I'm so glad you didn't go through with it. And what about this time? Are you going to tell anyone?

Oh yes! When I took the foam off and saw myself in the mirror, I told my mother she could call home and to tell everyone she wanted to!

It's been five days now and I was wondering if you had much pain or bruising?

I actually have very little bruising and believe it or not I have yet to take any pain medication.

You must be kidding. You really haven't taken anything.

Honestly, I have not felt the need to take anything.

Obviously you aren't regretting the 3000 mile trip?

It's been a wonderful experience and no amount of money is too much for the feeling I have. Actually, Dr. Yoho was priced well, especially compared to the surgeons I consulted in Florida. Even with the cost of the trip, Dr. Yoho was very competetive.

Was cost a deciding factor in your decision?

Yes and no. I wasn't going to be a fool and just give my money away. I also was concerned about the relationship between myself and the surgeon I chose. After my phone consultation with Dr.Yoho and Judy, there was no doubt I wanted Dr.Yoho and only Dr. Yoho. There was a genuine feeling of warmth, compassion, and concern that no other surgeon had given me.

As far as any touch up liposuction that may be needed will only be done by Dr. Yoho. He's the only doctor that I want working on me.