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Your Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

Here's a guide to your free consultation, preoperative exam, and follow-up visits at Dr. Yoho's Cosmetic Surgery Center.

Your first contact with us is a free consultation. This takes from 15 minutes to an hour. Read as much as possible of this web site and/or our book before your visit so you can ask the best questions. Here is your time to learn first hand about us. Click here for what your goals should be for your consultation.

Dr, Yoho staff consulationIf you decide we are your choice, and we think you are a good candidate, you will be scheduled for a preoperative examination. During this additional time the doctor will look you over carefully to be sure your goals and our plans match, to be sure you are comfortable with the process, and to be sure your health is good enough for the procedure. You should be completely comfortable with us at the end of this visit (though a little anxiety is understandable and natural). If you aren't, schedule another time to go over any questions again with the doctor. About half of our patients do their preoperative exam on the same day as their initial consultation. We turn away 15 per cent of the people who want us to help them because we think that they are not good candidates for some reason. They may be unrealistic about the result, or perhaps we don't think the improvement would be good enough for our high standards. Click here to read "Cosmetic Surgery Junkie", Chapter 17 of Dr.Yoho's Book.

Your procedure is described in some detail in the appropriate section of Dr. Yoho's book, "A New Body in One Day". Please refer to the table of contents and read, print or download any chapters you are interested in.

PLEASE NOTE: COSMETIC SURGERY IS NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE. Patients who allow billing of their insurance for cosmetic surgery procedures may be liable for criminal prosecution along with their doctors.

Call us with questions or to schedule your free consultation: (626) 585-0800 or contact us.