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Cosmetic Surgery Consultation Guide

You are here for a free consultation! Relax and enjoy yourself. We will help you have the most pleasant and productive experience possible. The following suggestions will help you make the most of your visit.

First, establish a rapport with us. Are we the kind of people you can trust? Ask any questions that come to mind and get to know any of the staff that you come in contact with. They are all happy to speak with you. Remember--everything you see in a doctor's office reflects the quality of your care and your ultimate satisfaction. You must have a good feeling about us in order to take the step of trusting us. With a cosmetic procedure, you are entering into a close relationship with the doctor and the staff. This works both ways. We must feel that you respect us, will work well with us, and have an emotional connection with us or we won't operate on you.

Second, let us know just what you want. We will also let you know what kinds of things we can actually do and what is realistic. We may make suggestions based on our extensive knowledge, but the patients' feeling about what should be done is the most important. We turn away about 15 per cent of the people who would like us to help them. Either we don't think we could do enough for them to justify their cost (and we think their satisfaction wouldn't be high enough) or we can't establish a good mutual respect at the consultation. Refer to Chapter 17 "Cosmetic Surgery Junkie" of Dr. Yoho's Book.

Third, listen to the counselor and the doctor carefully. Again, ask questions. Any question is appropriate. Don't be shy! You may speak to patients in the waiting room or others. Doctors who don't want you speaking to other people in the waiting room may have something to hide. You may also have a tour of the office if you like. We will let you know if we can help you and how much it will cost.