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The Doctor-Patient Relationship

Our procedures are among the most predictable and have some of the highest satisfaction rates in all of cosmetic surgery. We strive for the best result that we can obtain using the most advanced techniques available. Our office, surgical center, staff, and certifications are first-rate. We rarely have complications (but they do of course happen occasionally). We deal with human beings, and results are sometimes not as hoped for. No one can make guarantees about a human system. Each individual's own healing process is as important as the surgery itself.

Our society is undergoing a breakdown of personal relationships in which any problem between people may result in litigation. Lawsuits can create many sad and unfortunate consequences. Years of depositions and other legal actions can take a tremendous emotional and financial toll for everyone involved.

Caring and sensitive doctors will establish a close personal relationship with you in order to give you proper medical care. The vast majority of physicians make their patients' welfare their very first priority. We expect you to develop a personal relationship with us. If you have never experienced this with a doctor, think of it as a family relationship with more of the responsibility on our side. If you don't feel a close and trusting feeling with us, we recommend you find another surgeon.

We are trained to follow you through any problems you have, no matter what it takes. If an unlikely complication happens after surgery, such as an infection, or an untoward cosmetic result (see list on your surgical information sheet) you must work through it with us. This is not to say we never consult other physicians. We do. But we are involved every step of the way.

Our guarantee to you: we will follow you and work with you after surgery. We need the same commitment from you. If you are not willing to make this commitment--to see the healing process through and maintain our relationship even in the face of disappointments--please see another surgeon.

My staff and I look forward to working with you.