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Cosmetic Surgery Photos: How to Evaluate "Before and After" Photos

before-after photo examplesPhotos showing cosmetic surgery should be as consistent as possible. They should be taken from the same angle and distance. Lots of liposuction photos which look like great results are actually taken from different distances, making the "after" photo look smaller. Nothing should be covered up, and scars should be exposed.

Our photos unfortunately aren't perfect, and you may find examples of slightly different photos despite our best efforts to standardize everything. While doctors aren't expected to be professional photographers, they should do as good a job as they can to make their photos show their work accurately.

While these results are representative of our work, not everyone will get results like these. All work was performed by Dr.Yoho or his staff while under his direct supervision. Our original photographs are available for our patients to examine.

Also, while we "touch-up" the work of many other doctors, your result after a touch-up is unlikely to be as good as for a "virgin" case. Scarring occurs after the first liposuction and frequently causes uneven results after the secondary liposuction.

Examples of Deceptive Photography

In this ad, the "after" photo is MUCH smaller than the "before" photo, and this is quite deceptive. Also, ultrasonic liposuction is being advertised, and this has no clear advantages, and has several clear disadvantages such as a higher complication rate.

The scar from the "tummy tuck" is covered up in the "after" photo by underwear. This is commonly seen in most website ads about tummy tucks.