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General Anesthetic May Be More Dangerous than Local for Liposuction

The following is quoted from an article by Jeff Klein, M.D., in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery [November 1999]:

"All reported liposuction deaths have been associated with systemic anesthesia. There have been at least 100 liposuction deaths associated with surgeons who use systemic anesthesia..."

"It has been estimated that systemic anesthesia is used in 60% of liposuction cases, whereas local anesthesia is used in 40%; yet virtually all liposuction-related malpractice cases are associated with systemic anesthesia (90%), the majority of which were performed in-hospital (70%.) Thus, the incidence of liposuction-related malpractice litigation is increased with the use of systemic anesthesia."

Dr. Klein says that general anesthetic is much more dangerous than local anesthetic. While Dr.Yoho doesn't think liposuction under general anesthetic is always dangerous, obviously some members of the medical community think it is. Dr.Yoho's position is that general anesthetic liposuction can be done safely, with care — but that intravenous sedation is more elegant and has less postoperative nausea hangover, and is also much more tolerable than straight local anestheticClick here to learn more about Dr.Yoho's anesthetic technique. We of course can use just local anesthetic (sometimes with oral medicines) if you desire.