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New Trends in Liposuction

In our opinion, the best liposuction is still small-cannula liposuction using tumescent technique. This has been around since l987, and we have been using it since 1991. Refer to Chapter 15 for our anesthetic technique.

Breast liposuction is becoming more popular as an alterative to breast reduction. The scarring is usually minimal, but the breast shape may not change. Nipples go up an average of one inch in some studies! But if your breasts sag before the procedure, they will after as well. There's no "anchor" scar as with surgical reduction - it's just like liposuction. Click here to see breast fat transplant for risks; it's about the same.

Ultrasonic liposuction is a failure, in our opinion. More complications, longer surgeries, longer recoveries, and some disasters have been reported. It has been used as a marketing buzzword for certain groups of physicians in the past 2 years in the United States, but has been largely discredited in Europe. Additionally, there is good scientific evidence that "external ultrasonic liposuction" doesn't work. We highly recommend you read this material if you are seriously considering cosmetic ultrasonic liposuction. Click here for ultrasonic liposuction.

The vibrating cannula is also a failure, in our opinion. We worked with one for about l00 cases in 1998, and concluded that it offered no advantages over our modern types of cannulas, and was expensive, heavy and injured the operator if it was used it much. Again, recently this has been used as marketing for certain physicians.

"Microcannula liposuction", "liposculpture", and many other words have been used to suggest to the naive patient that the doctor has something unique. Our advice: look at the doctor's photos, interview the doctor, and examine the office closely and form your own opinions. And "paper qualifications" such as diplomas and certifications are secondary to experience and excellent results. Read chapter 2 on "Choosing Your Cosmetic Surgeon" and click here to visit our section called "Why You Should Choose Dr. Yoho to Perform Your Cosmetic Surgery".

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