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Yours Free: A New Body in One Day

Los Angeles, CA (December, 2006) – Much of what the public knows about the world of cosmetic surgery is incomplete, out of date or simply untrue. This is because most of our information comes from sensationalized magazine articles, distorted advertisements and long-repeated myths. For patients considering undergoing a cosmetic procedure, this knowledge gap can lead to poor procedural choices, disappointing results, unnecessary pain or even a life-threatening experience.

Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon Robert Alan Yoho, M.D. has co-written a remarkably clear, thorough and up-to-the-moment educational book about cosmetic surgery that he wants the public to have for free. Interested parties are invited to download their own complimentary copy of A New Body in One Day - a Guide to Same-Day Cosmetic Surgery Procedures from the Cosmetic Surgery Education Center.

No ordinary cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Yoho is the only physician in the United States to have passed his specialty boards in both dermatologic cosmetic surgery and emergency medicine. Dr. Yoho, who has been practicing cosmetic surgery in the Los Angeles area since 1991, is an international lecturer and publisher of more than twenty scientific articles. He is a father, a mountain climber, a competitive triathlete and a four-time patient of cosmetic surgery; he's undergone liposuction twice and a deep TCA peel for acne scarring, along with small cheek implants. Still, he finds time to devote to the next generation of cosmetic surgeons as an assistant professor at the Drew-King Medical Center in Los Angeles.

In just over 128 efficiently-penned pages, A New Body in One Daycovers procedural topics like breast enhancementliposuction and facelifts, along with the newest methods for reducing pain during and after cosmetic surgery, and the must-read chapter "What's The Worst That Could Happen?" Dr. Yoho's book also includes some totally unexpected topics, such as how ethnicity can impact technique and results and a fascinating exploration of "The Psychology of Cosmetic Surgery."

Co-writing the book are author Terri Mandell and Judy Brandy-Yoho, R.N. Judy is a Trinidad and Tobago native and a graduate of the prestigious Mack School of Nursing in Ontario, Canada. She had extensive nursing experience in pediatrics, neonatal intensive care, day surgery and emergency care before joining the Yoho staff in Pasadena. Doctor and nurse have three children together.

This all-new thoughtfully updated addition of the acclaimed A New Body in One Day is an invaluable educational tool for anyone considering undergoing a cosmetic or cosmetic surgery procedure, or for anyone with an interest in this exciting and rapidly changing field of medicine. Click here to download a free copy of Dr. Yoho's book.

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The Cosmetic Surgery Education Center features over 1000 photos and text pages about liposuctionbreast implantsfaceliftseyelid surgery and hair restoration. Dr. Yoho is located in Visalia, California.


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