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Recovery Tricks of the Trade with Dr.Yoho

What about pain after the procedure? It's different for everyone, but most people say that the experience is very tolerable. But some people complain, and we prescribe stronger medications for them. Pain is such an individual thing. You must remember that your result may be a trade-off between your recovery and the perfection of your figure. That is, sometimes if we spend a little extra time working on your fat, you may be a bit more sore in exchange for that nice result. Most people are doing pretty well at a week or two, but if you are having trouble, we have some recovery techniques you should use.

cannulasCANNULAS. These are a few of the instruments used for liopsuction. Dr.Yoho primarily uses small instuments for his work. These are some of the smallest cannulas instruments available, and they generally produce less post operative pain when skillfully used.

accuscopeACCUSCOPE. This machine can improve any irregular results such as lumps and bumps that may occur after liposuction through the use of microcurrent.

softpulseSOFTPULSE. This device (without actually touching the person), decreases pain and swelling after a surgical procedure. For people who are unusually sore post operatively, we recommend an hour or two of this, and they usually sleep better that night and have less pain subsequently. This can be repeated daily.

ultrapulse laserULTRAPULSE LASER. Now 9 years old in the year 2003, this CO2 laser is still the state of the art for resurfacing and laser blepharoplasty. It can be used at deeper or more superficial settings, depending on the effect that is desired. It on average produces less bruising around the eyes than scalpel techniques, and this makes for an easier recovery (read Dr.Yoho's chapter 14, "The Lowdown on Lasers").

fat in containersFAT (in containers). Patient always ask us, "What does the fat look like?" The red at the bottom is fluid with a tiny amount of blood. The less bleeding, the easier the recovery. Click here to read Chapter 3: "Liposuction: The Truth About Fat" from Dr.Yoho's Book.