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The "Yoho" Method

Our "Yoho Method" uses the latest advances to strive for the best possible cosmetic results, the most comfort, and above all safety. Your procedure day experience, your recovery, and our office service are all very important issues for us. We couldn't be a 95 per cent referral practice if these weren't important to us. Our concepts are:

Knives or scalpels are used less and less. Small punctures or the laser used as a conservative cutting or resurfacing tool is often all that is needed. For breast implants, we usually go through the belly button, often leaving no visible scar at all (the incision location is by patient choice, however). Facelift and upper eyelid incisions can generally be well hidden in creases or in the hair.

Frequently no stitches are used, so they do not have to be removed. Sutures are not used for the tiny liposuction incisions, for example. Of course, for face-lifts, upper eyelid lifts, and tummy tucks, stitches are necessary. Breast implant patients who have their surgery through their belly button often never see their (hidden) stitches. Lower eyelids need no stitches or skin incision in most cases. And self-dissolving stitches are used whenever practical.

No uncomfortable or hazardous general anesthetics are used. Our combination of local anesthetic and relaxation medicine (see my medical journal paper for more information) minimizes the likelihood of nausea and vomiting that so frequently happens after a general anesthetic, and avoids the extra risk of general anesthesia. You will not have a sore throat from a throat tube, and a medicine "hangover" is quite unlikely. Your safety and comfort are our first concern. Additionally, our liposuction technique could not be easily performed using a general anesthetic. We must move our patients around and view them from all perspectives to ensure proper symmetry and balance.

New technology. Many of the tools for our procedures (and indeed many of the procedures themselves) have been largely developed since 1990.

Long incisions and sizable scars are avoided in many cases. For example, Dr.Yoho often avoids the long scar of a "Tummy Tuck" through the "No Scalpel Tummy Tuck" using liposuction alone. With the natural "shrinkability" of tummy skin, with careful liposuction, the cut is often not needed. This produces a superior result in most cases. We usually perform breast reductions through advanced liposuction techniques alone, with no "anchor" scar.

We attempt to avoid that "operated on" appearance of some facelifts, eyelid-lifts, and hair transplantation. We are conservative in our approach; we want results that are natural above all else. For example: dense hairlines don't look appropriate on older men. We use tiny "micro-grafts" for this reason. Our facelift is conservative: we avoid the "windswept" look found on some extensive facelifts. On average, these simple facelifts have a much shorter recovery (sometimes a week instead of a month or more), are cheaper, involve less risk, and probably are as durable.

The skin tightens naturally and evenly after a laser peel or liposuction procedure, especially breast or abdomen liposuction. As surgeons know, shrinkage is part of any healing process. Excision or cutting surgery, on the other hand, sometimes leaves scarring and unnatural "pulling" effects. The "dog ear" of tummy tucks is an example of this: see the tummy tuck area of this website, under the "cosmetic surgery" section. When all parts of the skin tighten, however, natural-looking results are more likely.

Ultra-specialization. We perform only a few procedures, including: liposuction/fat transfereyelid liftsface-liftspeelshair transplantationbreast implantstummy tucks, and vein treatments. Ask yourself whether you would rather go to a doctor who does "everything" or to someone who is an expert in fewer areas. Many physicians performing cosmetic surgery also do hand surgery plus head / neck reconstruction plus many other surgeries on sick people. They have a hard time obtaining the extensive experience of a pure cosmetic surgery specialist.

Cross specialty training. We are not limited to any one viewpoint. Our techniques have been developed by several groups of physicians--dermatologists, ear-nose-throat physicians (facial-plastic surgeons), general plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists, and the hair transplantation surgeons. We have learned from each specialty with the goal of the best, safest, and most comfortable cosmetic surgery and anesthesia.

We pick the patients. This is most important of all. We turn down 15 per cent of the people who would pay us because we don't think they would get a good enough result or because they have unrealistic expectations. If we accept you for surgery here at our Los Angeles cosmetic surgery center, you can be sure we have done our best to be sure that all the physical and psychological factors are right for your procedure. It's not like a shop where you can just take your car in for a blue paint job if you want it. We have to be sure you really want blue, and your car (you) would look best in blue!