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Why Choose Dr. Yoho

11 Important Reasons Why You Should Choose Dr.Yoho to Perform Your Cosmetic Surgery


1 We challenge you to compare our results available on this web site, in our book, or at our office with any physician's in the world. Any other physicians you consult should be willing to show you lots of photos. Want to know the artist? Look at the art. Before you believe any claims, check for yourself. Click here to find out more about the Yoho Method and Mission Statement.


2 The greatest honor a physician can have is a practice that is almost entirely by referral. For more than seven years, greater than 90 percent of our patients have either been referred or are existing patients coming for a new procedure. Feel free to speak to our patients in our waiting room to learn about this (and do the same with other doctors). Some practices are 95% advertising-based. Click here to read patient testimonials and thank you letters.


3 Qualifications? Dr. Yoho is a diplomate of the American Board of Dermatologic Cosmetic Surgery and also passed boards of the American Board of Laser Surgery. The Cosmetic Surgery Board is the only board that is strictly for beautification surgery. Click here for this Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon's complete Professional Resume or Personal Biography.


4 No uncomfortable general anesthetics are used, no tube is placed in your throat for you to breathe. Although you can be completely awake, using just the local tumescent anesthetic if you choose, most of our patients prefer to be more relaxed. The vast majority have no memory of their procedure. It's your choice. With our techniques, nausea or hangover after the surgery are exceedingly rare. Click here to learn details about Dr. Yoho's anesthesia and pain relief during surgery. Click here to read an opinion that general anesthetic is more dangerous for liposuction.


5 Dr. Yoho is the author of scientific articles about cosmetic surgery. Click here for his complete professional and personal bios. Access all articles written by Dr. Yoho, a Fresno and Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Yoho has had lead articles (the featured article of that journal) published each ofDermatologic Surgery and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the two most prestigious journals in his specialty.


6 We have our own American Association of Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) certified surgical center with two operating rooms. Click here for information on Dr. Yoho's certified surgery center in the Los Angeles area or to learn more about the AAAHC go to Medical studies show that certified surgery center liposuction may be safer than hospital-based liposuction overall. But your safety is most importantly in the hands of your individual physician.


7 SAFETY? Dr. Yoho is also Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, the American Board of Emergency Medicine, and worked in a major trauma center for years before he started his cosmetic surgery career. Although he hasn't practiced emergency medicine since the late l980's, he re-certified in emergency medicine (took the boards test again) in l999. He studied for over 200 hours to pass the test. Who better to trust with your care then an emergency physician? Click here for Dr. Yoho's professional CV or click here to view his personal biography.


8 We had one of the first Ultra Pulse facial resurfacing lasers in Los Angeles and have been performing resurfacing and the new laser blepharoplasties (eyelids) for 5 years as of 2000. Click here for the chapter on peeling or click here for the chapter on eyelid surgery.


9 Our touch-up rate for our procedures is 1-in-30. And we use the most advanced recovery technology available. Click here for more information about Dr. Yoho's recovery techniques and facilities.


10 Dr. Yoho's surgical fee is an all inclusive price, and you don't have to pay more for anesthesia, surgicenter, etc. Click here to learn more about surgery costs.


11 Our collective experience is virtually second to none. We have a total of 67 years of experience in the cosmetic surgery field, between the seven who work here including Dr. Yoho and Judy. Having a supportive environment for our staff lets us function to give you the best possible experience. See Meet our Staff to learn more.