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Amelia is a Canadian French woman who had an ordinary life until last year. She had many friends, owned a successful business, and had the love and support of a large family. She was at a stage when most women get married and start families. 

Amelia is an empathic person whose strength is intuition and feeling. Although she has a college degree, she is not an intellectual, and English is her second language. In mid-2021, as the vaccine mandates began in Canada, she began to sense a growing evil. 

 She knew the vaccine was not for her, but as she tried to lead her simple life, she was attacked from all sides. Her loving relations expelled her, and she was painfully injured by the electric shocks of their disapproval. She had a brief experience of unreality and was kidnapped by psychiatrists for three days. So she gave away her business, traveled to Mexico for a month, and then settled in Miami. 

 French women have started movements and have led their nation. Amelia is no Joan, but her convictions are powerful. Listen as she tells her visions of the Covid disaster. for more. See to learn about my books, Butchered by “Healthcare” and Hormone SecretsMy essay with links to COVID treatment and more is HERE

“LEGAL” DISCLAIMER: Use this information at your own risk. It is general commentary and not medical advice. Robert Yoho is retired and no longer practices medicine. Make your healthcare decisions with the help of a physician or other licensed provider. 

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