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BOTOX Injection® - Los Angeles, Visalia, Fresno, Bakersfield

botox cosmeticBOTOX® Cosmetic has become the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure. By 2002, when officially approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of facial wrinkles, it was approaching a billion dollar industry. Many still wonder what BOTOX Cosmetic is and how it can help improve faces.

BOTOX Cosmetic is a purified protein that is administered in a simple, nonsurgical procedure to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines between the brows in people ages 18 to 65. The reason why it works safely is that only very tiny amounts are used. The original batch of the toxin "cooked up" to make BOTOX Cosmetic was only about a teaspoon. This small amount was then divided into many tens of thousands of doses, which lasted the manufacturer many years. These miniscule doses are bottled for individual use, and mixed with salt water by doctors, who inject it into muscles to produce local paralysis, improving facial wrinkling.

It takes about 20 units to treat frown lines between the eyes, or crow's feet. To treat the whole forehead, crow's feet, and frown lines, sometimes 35-50 units are needed. While some offices triple the wholesale cost of BOTOX injection, we only double the wholesale cost to cover our office expenses, helping make your treatment more affordable.

BOTOX Cosmetic doesn't work very well on the lower face below the eyes, although some innovative physicians are trying to use it there. When the treatment paralyzes these muscles, which is how it works, it can sometimes cause problems with facial expression. Fortunately, these are temporary because the treatment generally works for only three to four months before needing a repeat.

The only likely side effect with BOTOX Cosmetic is paralysis of muscles that are accidentally treated. Most commonly, an upper eyelid droop might occur. This may happen in a few percent of patients at most, and is usually gone after a few weeks. It certainly couldn't last longer than the treatment lasts on the rest of the face, which is only a few months.

BOTOX Cosmetic is very safe, and patients love the effects. The only trouble is the expense and hassle of repeat treatments. When done skillfully, it usually involves very little pain or bruising. You can resume your normal activities almost immediately.

Skin care creams are a perfect compliment to BOTOX Cosmetic treatments. Dr. Yoho carries a line of his own specially-blended products and can recommend a cream that is just right for you.

To find out more about refreshing your looks with BOTOX® Cosmetic or other injectables, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Yoho today. A physician extremely experienced with BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dr. Yoho would like to meet face to face with you. And when you register online, your cosmetic consultation is free. Also known as Botox surgery, Botox Injection.

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