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juvederm injectible gelCollagen has been used for many years as the standard facial filler. However, its expense and brief life span (three to four months at most) have been very frustrating for patient and doctor alike. Our new facial fillers can last a year to several years, and many of them have no known allergic potential, unlike Collagen. Lips, cheeks, the folds around the mouth, and chin areas are all areas where fillers are used, and it's called the "Liquid Facelift" when we use the proper amount in the proper way for the right patient. The field of fillers is changing more rapidly than the others, thanks to our pharmaceutical industry, and currently we offer JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel, Radiesse®, fat, and others. Fillers for the forehead creases are slightly more risky because there are veins that communicate with the brain, and strokes have been reported (very, very rarely). But for the most part, the only risks are lumps, allergy (as yet unreported with any of the fillers we use) and inflammatory nodules ("granulomas": very, very rarely). Most lumps made by fillers respond to massage, or in some cases need to be injected or very rarely removed. Consult with your doctor about your individual case.

Skin care creams are a perfect compliment to dermal filler treatments. Dr. Yoho carries a line of his own specially-blended products and can recommend a cream that is just right for you.

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