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Lasers, Radiofrequency, and Light Machines

Noninvasive laser treatments, light spectrum treatments and radiofrequency treatments have come a long way in the last five to ten years. Currently, FotoFacial® light spectrum treatment is a standard for improving color. This treatment works well on age spots, sun spots, and other areas of excess skin pigment.

For laser skin resurfacing, Dr. Yoho now offers the SmartXIDE® dot laser. This revolutionary skin treatment technology showers the skin with microbeams of light to create areas of treated and untreated skin. The treated areas stimulate your body's natural healing process, while the untreated areas help you heal faster. The end result is the effect of an ablative procedure without nearly as much discomfort and downtime.

There are now radiofrequency devices that stimulate shrinkage of the skin — the Syneron Aurora-RF™ and the Syneron Polaris-RF™. Both of these treatments are rapid outpatient procedures generally requiring no sedation: a cooling machine and/or numbing creams will minimize any discomfort. Three to eight treatments are generally needed to properly improve the patient's appearance. A new "photosensitizer" cream medication optimizes performance, often reducing the number of treatments to just two or three.

Additionally, hair removal may be accomplished with other laser and light treatment machines. We use the Syneron™ laser but it is important to point out that complete hair removal is exceedingly difficult: moderately thinned hair and stunted growth is the usual result, as Epilators—the old fashioned hair removal professionals—discovered years ago. Epilation involves inserting a needle into the hair root and applying an electric charge; it is partially successful after many treatments but quite painful. The new light machines and lasers are about as effective but less painful.

All of these treatments are recommended at about three-week intervals at our Los Angeles cosmetic surgery center. Often very light (minimal down-time) glycolic peel(s) are performed accompanying facial treatments with the FotoFacial® machines.

To find out more about non-invasive laser treatments, we invite you to request a consultation with Dr. Yoho today. If you are considering a treament such as laser hair removal, Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon Dr. Yoho would like to meet face to face with you and answer all your laser therapy questions. And when you register online, your cosmetic consultation is free.

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