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Case Number: 291

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Case: 291

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho
Patient Gender: Female
Race: European descent

This Los Angeles area professional was recently chosen as the poster girl for her company's holiday card. Her "after" photos are two months after surgery. At the time of her original consultation in Pasadena, this patient told me "I want to be such a nice result that I go on your website." Judge for yourself the kind of result she had. Her allowing the use of her photos was generous and I'm very grateful; most of our facial patients won't let us use their photos. She had a facelift of course. However, her cheek and chin implants really "tied the surgery together". Her day after the surgery photo is included for the viewer's information. Many of these patients do not bruise, or don't bruise much, but this person had some bruising around her eyes and of course swelling. Her other quote was "The hell with growing old, I'm going kicking and screaming.".

I was so happy to get her photos for my website that I later offered to do angle of the mandible implants for her at no charge (very few facial patients are kind enough to share their photos). This is generally about $3000. So far she hasn't wanted to hassle with the surgery, but it's an open offer. See the frontal view photo in this other patient for what this might look like. Does this second patient look a little like Julia Roberts? Strong muscles at the side of the face are youthful and are brought out by these implants. Look at photos of Halle Barry on the internet for another example of beautiful angle of the mandible/jaw muscle area. Notice that the after photos on this second patient are only one month from the original procedure, and that some swelling is still present. Also note: cheek (malar) implants and the angle of the mandible implants are inserted through the mouth, so there are no external scars. As with the rest of my surgery, cheek implants and chin implants are performed in our outpatient Pasadena surgical center, about 10 minutes out of downtown Los Angeles on the 110 freeway if there's no traffic.

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