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Case Number: 305

Case 305 before Before Case 305 after After

Case: 305

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho / Dr. Mok
Patient Gender: Female
Race: African descent

(The device under the chin is meant to control head movement during the photo)

This lady knew she had a saggy lower face but didn't know just what was wrong. While many other surgeons would perform a facelift for her, it was clear to Dr. Yoho that with the experience he has acquired in Pasadena and his Los Angeles training, facial implants were the answer. See also case number 315, who had the same procedure exactly. So we discussed it and she trusted me with the following:

1) To make a one-centimeter incision under her chin and put an implant in her chin which projected about 8/10ths of a centimeter. The implant is a "wrap around" or "extended anatomical" implant which is quite different from the old implants, which were sort of like a button on the chin and produced pointy, odd looking results. These new implants smoothly wrap the chin-bone, and taper at their edges so you generally aren't able to feel them. They are inserted under the skin of the bone ("sub-periosteal" location) and I always stitch them in place so they stay just at the edge of the jaw rim. Once they have been in place for a few weeks, they are firmly attached in their little pocket and don't move, and feel just like bone.

2) To make a one-centimeter incision inside the lower jaw and put a sort of right-angle implant under the chewing muscle, which attaches right to the edge of the mandible or jaw-bone in the back where it turns the corner and goes upwards. This is also inserted in the sub-periosteal location. This implant is about an inch and a half on each part of the "right angle" (though it's a bit more than a right angle, as it has to fit the jaw).

So both of the incisions produced no visible scars, as one scar is inside the mouth and one is under the chin, where it isn't usually seen if it's stitched very carefully. This lady had almost no bruising, so her recovery was outstanding. Some of these patients need to tell their friends that they had "oral surgery" (they did) because they have significant swelling, and often there is some bruising. The implants themselves have never been shown to cause allergies or other problems: they are solid silicone, with a firm feel that isn't rock-hard. The implants themselves are fairly expensive.

The result: a strong, handsome, youthful face, with skin that is perfectly preserved because of the patient's race and ethnic background.