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Case Number: 293

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Case: 293

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho
Patient Gender: Female
Race: European descent

This mature lady did not have time for a lengthy recovery. She would have been a fantastic candidate for facelift, but was not willing to undergo the time off work that this would require. So she had just chin liposuction, and her result is really excellent, although it certainly could have been improved with a more comprehensive procedure including, perhaps, a chin implant. The standard recovery involves wearing compression ace wraps for three days for 24 hours a day, and then wearing straps at night for another week or two. She had very little bruising in her initial recovery and felt that the entire experience was easy and uneventful. She particularly liked the anesthetic technique, and had no memory of the surgery and no discomfort of any consequence after the procedure. The patient is from the Los Angeles. The surgery was performed in Pasadena, California at our Pasadena surgical center.

Some of these individuals having chin liposuction end up with a little bit of a sore throat after the procedure because Dr. Yoho liposuctions underneath the muscle, as well as over top of the muscle in order to remove the fat properly there. This produces, with skillful and careful surgery, the flattest and best cosmetic result. This requires training, however, and should not be attempted unless the surgeon has proper hands-on supervision and training.

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