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Case Number: 382

Case 382 before Before Case 382 after After

Case: 382

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho
Patient Gender: Female
Race: Latin American descent

Sorry about this "After" photo. The hair isn't supposed to be there and we will get a better photo without the hair for the website soon! This Visalia/Fresno area cosmetic surgery patient came in to our office in order to improve her chin and jaw area and a chin implant/chin liposuction was suggested. We use the best "wrap around" chin implants by Implantech®. They are a little more expensive but they really look nice. Many styles are available and it takes quite some experience to get the best look possible. They are placed in front of the bottom of the jaw-bone, not down below. Strong chins look very attractive on women as well as men, and the criteria for the best look is roughly the following. With the head in the "neutral" position—the ear hole on a level plane with the bottom of the nose—the front of the chin skin should ideally be on a vertical plane with the junction of the skin of the lip and the inside skin of the lip (the "vermillion border"). Look at this side view to get an idea of what this means to the aesthetics of the face. The front of the face is sort of in a plane or straight line instead of having a convex sort of shape with the weak chin. Note that the front view does not show much of a difference so it was not included. This is typical for chin implants. This "after" photo was taken about 10 days after the surgery. Aggressive chin liposuction including liposuction under the muscle was necessary to get this result. Also see Dr. Yoho's blog for more information about this sort of chin liposuction at with the blog about chin liposuction improving sleep apnea.