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Case Number: 211

Case 211 before Before Case 211 after After

Case: 211

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho
Patient Gender: Female


This patient had upper and lower eyelid surgery, a facelift, and chin liposuction.  The facelift involves putting an incision in the creases of the ear where it leads to the skin of the face.  We would like to go behind the little bump on the middle of the frontal ear in order to disquise and conceal the scar in this area.  The skin is lifted up from the face area several inches around the ear and then pulled up internally, as well as externally with stitches.  Some bruising can occur after a facelift, but drains are not usually necessary in our hands.  Notice the improvement in this woman's jowls and double chin.  She has a beautiful jaw line in her postoperative photograph.

For this procedure, we used sedation with intravenous medicine through the arm into the circulation system, but the patient was able to breathe on her own and did not need general anesthesic because of the artful use of local anesthetic in the face and the eyelids.  She had no memory of the procedure, and did very well postoperatively with no nausea or vomiting such as is often seen with general anesthesia.

Her eyelids were improved also by the eyelid surgery, and you can see how the overhung deep eyelids in the before picture improved into a crisp and natural lid in the after picture.  Fat was removed in the lower lid as well and although these photographs may not show the detail of that in the oblique view, you can see that the shadow of the lower lid fat pocket is gone.

The patient is from the Los Angeles area and had her procedure performed in our Pasadena surgical center.  For more information about the relaxation medicines that Dr. Yoho uses and his anesthetic technique, please see here.

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