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Case Number: 227

Case 227 before Before Case 227 after After

Case: 227

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho
Patient Gender: Female

This lady had a procedure performed prior to the year 2000 when heavy laser resurfacing was performed. The laser resurfacing done now is a generally lighter treatment than at the time this procedure was performed. This patient had a nice result for the three procedures she had, but in 2007, I would certainly consider a chin implant, facelift, and possibly other facial implants as well. Note, however that with just liposuction, the skin does shrink beautifully, even in this person who is clearly over 40 years of age. Her eyelid results are excellent and you can see the upper lids clearly in the after photograph and the lower lid has lost the baggy qualities and the wrinkles. This lady still could have a facelift procedure performed along with appropriate implants if she desired. Her neck is much improved, although of course, there is significant wrinkling with just as limited and the relatively inexpensive group of procedures which she had perfomed. She seems to have maintained the color of her skin, which deep laser peels sometimes affect. Laser peeling in an aggressive way sometimes causes lightening of the skin, whick is irreversible. If you happen to be a very light-skinned individual to begin with, this makes no difference, but if you have color in your skin, this can contrast with your neck and not be so attractive. I also noticed that two moles on her right cheek had been removed or covered up with makeup. This person clearly could benefit from some of the improvements in our technique in the 21st century.