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Case Number: 317

Case 317 before Before Case 317 after After

Case: 317

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho
Patient Gender: Female
Race: European descent

This Los Angeles area patient had a laser peel with a CO2 Ultra Pulse laser set at a relatively light setting in our Pasadena facility. This laser has been the standard of care for peeling for a decade. New lasers have been touted as superior, but this laser used properly is probably the best, particularly for the skin underneath the eyelids. Dramatic results like this happen routinely and involve less recovery time than chemical peeling (acid peeling). The laser is used to take off the outer layer of the skin in a very exact fashion and the doctor scrubs the skin with sterile gauze, and then takes another layer or two off using the same technique. After this, the patient is placed in a special clear dressing. This has many, many tiny slits in it so the skin can access the outside air and also drain properly. Sometimes creams and wet compresses are used instead from the start. The dressing is left on for about 3 days, then wet compresses and creams are used. After 5 to 6 days, the skin generally has reappeared and special dressing are not necessary but irritation and redness may continue.

Only lighter skin types are appropriate for this sort of treatment. Darker skin types undergo long recoveries and can scar or darken or lighten permanently. With this skin type, we can frequently obtain stunning results, just as this lady had with the virtual erasure of all of her wrinkles. Notice that she is still a little red from the procedure. This "after" photograph was taken about 3 weeks after the procedure was performed.

The patient had no memory of the procedure because relaxation medicines were used that have this effect. Additionally, local anesthetic was used which kept her free from pain. Typically, the postoperative recovery is a pain-free period also, although the facial wrap is a little claustrophobic for some patients. If pain is experienced, a cold sore outbreak is suspected, and the patient should be immediately evaluated by the physician.

The patient must take anti-cold sore medicine anyway for the first 10 days or so after the procedure even if they never noticed a cold sore in the past in order to prevent this possibility. Cold sore outbreaks can cause scarring and delay the recovery.

Although this recovery is some ways is more irritating than that of most of the other cosmetic surgeries, I think you will agree that this patient had a stunning result.

This procedure was performed on this Los Angeles woman in our Pasadena, California office.

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