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Case Number: 378

Case 378 before Before Case 378 after After

Case: 378

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho
Patient Gender: Female
Race: African descent

This is an example of mini-facelift, chin implant, and cheek implants. Notice how much fuller the patient's face is and how tight the under-neck areas are. This is a Pasadena/Los Angeles area patient. The cheek implants are inserted through a small incision inside the mouth, while the chin implant wraps around the whole chin and is inserted in a 1/3 inch incision under the chin. The old chin implants just project forward, while the new ones go all the way around. This person needed a few injections of cortisone in the incisions around her ears, but otherwise her recovery went uneventfully. Her friends have no idea exactly what she did, but they sure think she looks better!

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