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Case Number: 353

Case 353 before Before Case 353 after After

Case: 353

Surgeon: Richard D. Fisher, M.D.
Patient Gender: Male
Race: European descent

This patient has a “W.C. FIELDS” nose and requested a procedure to make him look more normal.  Actually, treating this is not terrifically difficult and consists of shaving the skin with a laser or a cautery device progressively until the shape of the nose is restored.  The trick is to leave just enough skin to cover the cartilage under the skin, to restore the natural shape.  They typically heal very quickly with very little postoperative recovery.  This nose procedure was not performed by Dr. Yoho, but by a colleague of his, Dr. Fisher.  Note that Dr. Yoho has performed this kind of surgery and is happy to consult patients with this sort of problem.  This patient was not from Los Angeles, but from the Phoenix area.  The nose in this case is an overgrowth of skin with bacteria and sometimes a tiny mite growing in the skin called demodex.  This mite stimulates the redness and growth of the skin and can be treated with antiparasite creams.  But, in order to produce the more normal contours that you see here, surgery is necessary.  Local anesthesia plus sedation is the preferred method of anesthesia.