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Case Number: 300

Case 300 before Before Case 300 after After

Case: 300

Surgeon: Charles Mok, D.O.
Patient Gender: Male

This is a case of sclerotherapy. Note that Dr. Yoho has experience with hundreds of cases just like this. These are small veins, which respond very well to sclerosing or vein-destroying solutions. These solutions are injected into these veins through a very tiny needle with the patient awake—it's nearly painless. The veins shrink and improve over a period of several weeks after the procedure(s). Some complications can happen after this sort of treatment. One that almost universally happens is some brown or other discoloration of the skin for a period of several weeks to months before improvement. Also, small veins sometimes grow in the areas that have been injected. These are called "talangectatic matting" and can be treated with lasers that are specific for the color of the venous blood. Another very rare complication is allergy to sclerosing solutions. Each office should be equipped to deal with mild as well as serious allergies using treatments such as Benadryl and even possibly adrenaline injections if necessary.

One last problem that Dr. Yoho has seen only once in his career is the occurrence of a small ulceration in the area that has been injected. This ulcer took about a month to heal and was a third of an inch in diameter. It resulted in a white scar. The theory at the doctor conventions is that possibly these ulcers might be related to small artery injection.

Use of compression stockings is advised for any kind of venous disease and we recommend that you have compression stockings given to you after this procedure. Dr. Yoho supplies this with the treatment and stocks them in his office.

Several types of solutions are used. Dr. Yoho uses a solution (approved for this use in America) called sodium tetradecyl sulfate.