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Case Number: 319

Case 319 before Before Case 319 after After

Case: 319

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho
Patient Gender: Female
Race: African descent

Here is an example of a case of Dr. Yoho's "no-scalpel tummy tuck." This consists of careful liposuction of a person who might have had a tummy tuck, but instead had this procedure that removed the fat and allowed the skin to shrink, after careful positioning of the skin. Notice the overhanging area above the bellybutton and above the legs has all become smaller and the new bellybutton looks better than the old bellybutton. The "after" photo is only about only a month from the "before" picture, so there is a ridge in the upper abdomen. This should go away completely or nearly completely. This ridge is made by the compression garment or girdle that sometimes folds in this area, pressing on the skin. If this happens, the patient is instructed to pad the ridge with foam or even a small hand towel in order to put more pressure on it and help the healing and shrinkage process.

There is no cutting surgery on the lower abdomen and no scar from hip to hip for this patient. She had sculpturing of her entire hip and back area, which isn't generally performed with tummy tucks because of the risk of skin death. The most traditional forms of tummy tuck can compromise the skin right above the pubic area if liposuction of the flanks is performed at the same time. This patient is about 170 pounds, but these no-scalpel tummy tucks can also be performed on much heavier patients. For these patients, we may only liposuction the front half, or just the abdomen and not the flanks.

Also notice that the pubic area is pulled up after this case because the skin shrinkage actually produces this positive effect for the patient. One other note of consequence is that the pubic area is always liposuctioned. This is necessary during cases like this and the patients are very grateful to find that their pubic area is more slender and fits in clothes better and looks better after their procedure.

This lady was from the Los Angeles area, and the surgery was performed in our Pasadena surgical facility.