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Case Number: 254

Case 254 before Before Case 254 after After

Case: 254

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho
Patient Gender: Female


Liposuction procedures can be adapted to correct a larger or a smaller area, or multiple areas at one time. This woman came in for a consultation at our Pasadena offices to learn more about how Los Angeles liposuction could help correct the loose, flabby look of her torso and her thighs. When she met with Dr. Yoho, he assessed her current shape and her goals, and recommended liposuction to re-contour both the torso and the outer thighs.

At our Pasadena, California cosmetic surgery center, we perform tumescent liposuction under intravenous sedation. First, we inject the treatment area with a saline solution containing local anesthetic and adrenaline to help liquefy the fat and prevent bleeding. Then, Dr. Yoho strokes inside the fat many times (about 2000 strokes per case) to smooth and slim the target area. For good results, a surgeon has to crisscross the area rather by approaching it through a few tiny incisions, rather than using one incision for the whole procedure. This helps prevent tissue damage and ensure smoother skin after the procedure.

After her procedure, she experienced a typically quick Los Angeles liposuction recovery. You can see how beautifully the skin shrank to accommodate her new shape. The vertical scar between her belly button and her pubic area has flattened out since the fat on either side of it was removed, and is now hardly noticeable. Her liposuction has also nearly erased the horizontal mark that her clothes and fat made above her belly button.