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Case Number: 363

Case 363 before Before Case 363 after After

Case: 363

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho
Patient Gender: Female
Race: European descent

This is a case that came from the Botox® company Allergan and we are putting it on our website for your reference. We do not routinely photograph Botox® patients, so we are using Allergan's. We obtain identical results. Botox Cosmetic® is used to relax muscles of the face which cause unattractive wrinkles. Some of our patients say that they look angry or sad and Botox® is often the easiest "fix." Botox® only lasts 3 months according to Allergan, but many people report some wrinkle relief for up to 6 months after we treat them. Also, if you use Botox® regularly over a period of a year or two, you may need less Botox® because the muscles get weaker. We insist our patients receive a minimum of 45 to 50 units of Botox® because we see a high dissatisfaction rate if they receive less (they say "nothing happened doctor"). However, with this minimum or more, this treatment has one of the highest satisfaction rate for any of our procedures in either Pasadena or Visalia/Fresno offices.

One of the most attractive features of Botox treatment for women is that it can elevate the eyebrows. It's great to use with (or without) blepharoplasty. We treat the muscles that pull the eyebrows down and allow the muscles which pull the brow up to work better. One of the misconceptions about Botox Cosmetic® is that it is used to get rid of all the wrinkles of the forehead and produce a plastic, immobile face. This is improper and we strive to obtain natural results.

About our charges: we just double the wholesale cost of the Botox®. We have been trained by one of the top Botox® administrators in the United States, and have adopted his exact protocols, so we hope to bring you expertise that you can't find in other offices or spas. Our methods virtually don't hurt: we use the smallest needle made for clinical use, smaller than most Botox® administrators, and we use a special method to confuse the nerves so you may not even feel the needle.

Botox Cosmetic® is essentially not toxic, as the amounts used are so very tiny. Some people are afraid of it because of press releases about people getting paralyzed, but this was about people getting huge doses by mistake when doctors used veterinary sources. This is has never happened with Allergan Botox Cosmetic®.

In summary about Botox®, first, it's not very profitable for us, though it's not cheap: we do it because it works very well, better than most other treatments. Also it's unfortunately temporary. Our patients love its effects and generally return for more twice to three times a year.

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