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Case Number: 369

Case 369 before Before Case 369 after After

Case: 369

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho
Patient Gender: Female
Race: Latin American descent

Juvederm® is a filler that stays soft and can last for roughly a year. It's very safe and non-toxic and does not require allergy skin testing. It consists of a natural component of the human body. It can be reversed within a short period of time by injecting other medications if the patient does not like the effects. It's put into the skin in order to create many positive effects. In this case, it improved the lines around a patient's mouth, (this photo came from the manufacturer, Allergan. We obtain virtually identical results). Juvederm® can be used to plump out the lips and make them fuller, as they were when the patient was younger. We recommend that patients use at least 3 syringes of Juvederm® or other fillers at once to produce the best effects, and we have a three for two policy in our office currently, costing $1000.00 for all three syringes. Filling the upper part of the face really works well, particularly the cheek areas.