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Case Number: 374

Case 374 before Before Case 374 after After

Case: 374

Surgeon: Outside Surgeon
Patient Gender: Female
Race: European descent

The fractional CO2 laser is a new technology as of about early 2008. We had ours by the spring. This laser is really an advance, and it uses the same CO2 resurfacing as before that was so effective but instead of destroying the entire top layer of the skin, just sprays tiny treatments over the whole area, leaving intact areas between the treatments. This enables us to treat all skin types, because the skin can regenerate between treatments without negative alteration of the pigment or color. We offer this treatment both in the Visalia/Fresno area office and the Pasadena office. It's more invasive than the Fotofacial® but much more effective. It's not painful if you choose to have a little sedation (no extra charge) but you need a driver to get you home, and the pain is modest if you just use the special cream anesthetic we offer instead. We prefer to treat the whole face. Recovery is about 4 days, with your face looking red and peeling. You generally can go to work the next day. This photo was from the manufacturer of our laser, SmartXide dot®. The treatments are relatively standard, so you can expect results like this from us. You can choose just how much recovery you want: it's the same price for a heavier but more effective peel and a lighter peel at our office in Visalia/Fresno and Pasadena. Our fractional CO2 laser is special because it can be used in a variety of ways and it sprays a random series of very tiny treatments or CO2 "bursts". This is an advantage over the competitors.

You may be aware that our regular Ultra Pulse® CO2 laser treatment patients from over a decade ago are still coming in and they look absolutely fantastic. While this treatment isn't exactly the same thing, it's the same technology. Remember (as above) that the heavier treatment you receive, the better are likely to be the results but the longer the recovery. A regular CO2 treatment, which you can also get with this machine, might take 6 days to get your skin back and makeup on, but the tightening and wrinkle removal looks great. Our patients are repeating their SmartXide dot® treatment at 3 to 6 week intervals and getting much of the same result as a regular resurfacing after a series of treatments. Ask us about discounts for multiple treatments.

Also see Dr. Yoho's personal treatment with the SmartXide dot® and the photographs during the treatment, performed here by Jeremy Romaine, PA.