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Cosmetic Surgery Problems and Corrections

Case 354 before Before Case 354 after After

Case Number: 354

  This patient has unusual scarring after her facelift.  This Los Angeles woman had her facelift performed by a surgeon who put the scar in front of the natural creases of her ear and it can be seen ... More Info →

Case 345 before Before Case 345 after After

Case Number: 345

This Los Angeles/Beverly Hills area patient is in her late 40s and has what is generally accepted in the surgical community as a reasonable result from her tummy tuck.  She has an incision down the mi ... More Info →

Case 333 before Before Case 333 after After

Case Number: 333

This patient originally had relatively small implants placed by another physician through the belly button (Trans-umbilical breast augmentation or TUBA) and had over-dissection or too much cutting in ... More Info →

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Case 351 before Before Case 351 after After

Case Number: 351

  This patient shows what a super-stretchy, non-supportive bra is all about.  Note that the shoulder strap on this bra is made of such a stretchy material that it provides no support at all.  The bes ... More Info →

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Case 342 before Before Case 342 after After

Case Number: 342

These are photographs of an outside physician’s liposuction case.  Notice that there is a “donut” around the bellybutton, a typical beginners error.  This consists of fat left in this region, forming ... More Info →

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Case 347 before Before Case 347 after After

Case Number: 347

This is a photograph of a young woman from the Los Ã…ngeles/Beverly Hills area in her 20s who had a tummy tuck, likely a complete mistake. Notice how high the scar is. This likely means that there was ... More Info →

Case 343 before Before Case 343 after After

Case Number: 343

These are photographs from an outside physician, show a classic mistake in breast implant surgery.  The implant, rather than being centered under the nipple, is centered too low.  This means that the ... More Info →

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Case 346 before Before Case 346 after After

Case Number: 346

This is a relatively young person who had an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck in the Beverly Hills area.  This is the price to be paid for tight skin on the abdomen in some cases.  Notice the spread scar ... More Info →

Case 341 before Before Case 341 after After

Case Number: 341

This patient has had two difficult experiences with cosmetic surgery.  Her first bad experience was with a breast implant technique called, "total submuscular breast implantation."  This breast implan ... More Info →

Case 408 before Before Case 408 after After

Case Number: 408

Case Study in breast implantation: the patient wants a larger implant, but her breasts are not appropriate for this. This patient has had implants in the past, and although things look superficially p ... More Info →