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Case Number: 333

Case 333 before Before Case 333 after After

Case: 333

Surgeon: Outside Surgeon
Patient Gender: Female
Race: African descent

This patient originally had relatively small implants placed by another physician through the belly button (Trans-umbilical breast augmentation or TUBA) and had over-dissection or too much cutting in her left lower breast, thus allowing the implant to drop into a lower position.  After discussion with the patient she decided she wanted bigger implants anyway.  An incision was made in her lower breast crease and the crease of the breast was fixed to the chest wall with permanent stitches.  A new, larger implant was placed and then the incision was closed.  The outcome was a better result.  The implants were saline or salt water implants. This surgery sequence was done outside Los Angeles by another surgeon, (and not in our Pasadena facility).  The original implant size was 450cc and the new implant size was 590cc.  She has a 34-inch chest.

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