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Case Number: 343

Case 343 before Before Case 343 after After

Case: 343

Surgeon: Outside Surgeon
Patient Gender: Female
Race: European descent

These are photographs from an outside physician, show a classic mistake in breast implant surgery.  The implant, rather than being centered under the nipple, is centered too low.  This means that the space created for the implant is placed too low.  The surgeon in order to cure this is advised to take these implants out for 3 to 4 months and then make a new cavity for the implant to rest in.  This cavity should be higher so the nipples do not ride so high and the majority of the implant is not seen below the nipple.  Actually, when an implant is first placed, usually it is best to have it be slightly high in order to have it be properly placed, centered under the nipple, because the implant descends due to gravity.

Another way to correct this problem would be to put an incision through the areola (colored part around the nipple) or an incision in the crease below the breast.  Through this incision, stitching can be done to raise the fold beneath the breast.  This stitching would be between the chest wall soft tissues and the capsule or scar around the implant and the breast tissue.  This, however, does not work all the time because the implants are heavy and the area stitched tends to break down and the original shape resumed.





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