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Case Number: 345

Case 345 before Before Case 345 after After

Case: 345

Surgeon: Outside Surgeon
Patient Gender: Male

This Los Angeles/Beverly Hills area patient is in her late 40s and has what is generally accepted in the surgical community as a reasonable result from her tummy tuck.  She has an incision down the middle from her bellybutton to her pubic area where the skin was drawn a bit tighter, and this lower incision is one of the patterns sometimes used for tummy tucks.  She had loosened, baggy skin with stretch marks on the lower abdomen prior to this procedure.  Now her skin is tight, but she has the scars and she has a bellybutton that has scarring all the way around it and is obviously not very natural.  This result is actually reasonable for this kind of patient.  She has a flatter abdomen than she had before because of the stitching of the muscle layer.  The only critique that I have is that the bellybutton probably could have had the scars buried deep within the hood of the bellybutton and thus could have been nearly scar-free. Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty patients must be aware of what they are getting into. They are often getting rid of some wrinkled skin but end up with scars, often unacceptable scars.  This photograph was taken before the patient was to have liposuction improvement surgery of her hips and her outer thighs.