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Case Number: 351

Case 351 before Before Case 351 after After

Case: 351

Surgeon: Outside Surgeon
Patient Gender: Male


This patient shows what a super-stretchy, non-supportive bra is all about.  Note that the shoulder strap on this bra is made of such a stretchy material that it provides no support at all.  The best bras have a relatively wide shoulder strap and the person wearing the bra should be able to feel a definite pulling or pressure on the shoulder strap from the weight of the breast being transferred from the breast structures to the shoulder by the bra.  A bad bra like this has a completely stretchy shoulder strap and provides no support at all.  Notice in the “after” photograph when the shoulder strap is shortened, some support is provided by this bra.  Bad bras can be converted to reasonably good bras by shortening the top bra strap with a safety pin or by sewing it and shortening it.  The best bras cover the entire breast and are made of material that is not stretchy or is not very stretchy and fit the breasts properly, cupping the whole surface.  Underwire bras are great for large breasts and support the rest of bra, but should not be used right after surgery because the skin, breast, and the implant complex is vulnerable to the possible poking effect of one end of the wire in the underwire bra.

Bras are important for women who get breast implants, because if proper support is not used, everything goes downhill and the nipples can end up pointing towards the toes.

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