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Case Number: 354

Case 354 before Before Case 354 after After

Case: 354

Surgeon: Outside Surgeon
Patient Gender: Female
Race: European descent


This patient has unusual scarring after her facelift.  This Los Angeles woman had her facelift performed by a surgeon who put the scar in front of the natural creases of her ear and it can be seen in front of the ear. It also can be seen very obviously behind the ear, and this lady can't "put her hair up" without showing the scar.  We do our best to put the scar right at the junction of the ear and the skin of the face. Also, we put the scar behind the little firm bump in the middle front part of the ear.    There does not seem to have been any effort to put the scar in the crease behind the ear or even up on to the back of the ear, where some surgeons place it.  Notice too, you can see behind the ear stitch marks in the incision.  This means the stitches were left in a long time, as they are quite visible on the skin behind the ear.

  For our patients, in most cases, the scar is concealed in the behind the ear and then exits high into the hair at the junction of the top quarter or top fifth of the ear and the lower 3/4 or 4/5 of the ear.  This makes the scar behind the ear so high that it is very hard to see and generally our patients can wear their hair up without any problem.

To repair this patient, a new facelift could be done and in all likelihood, the scar behind the ear and in front of the ear could be placed into the proper places.  This is not a terribly difficult procedure for a skilled surgeon; it's just another facelift.  The other factor here is that the scar below the ear is really very spread and this happens because the surgeon pulls up the skin below the ear in a fashion that initially looks tight but in the long run makes for a spread scar.  This woman is from Los Angeles area.