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Case Number: 241

Case 241 before Before Case 241 after After

Case: 241

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho
Patient Gender: Male

Approximately 8 months post operation
This patient underwent two procedures with approximately 2000 grafts.

This case illustrates an important feature of hair transplantation. Darker hair shows up as denser than lighter hair. This patient actually dyed his hair to make it darker and make his hair transplantation look better. As seen from the top, this transplantation is a great success because very little scalp can be seen through the hair. Many of these transplantation sessions produce results which look good from the front but may not look so good from the top, which shows more skin.

Notice that this gentleman had a tuft of hair in the front of his head, which should be preserved by Propecia. The Propecia can be given in 5 mg tablets and the patients can cut these tiny tablets with a pill cutter in order to produce 1 mg pieces, which is the proper dose for hair growth (5 mg tablets are designed for older men who have prostate problems. This 5 mg dose has the ability to shrink an enlarged prostate). Propecia or finasteride is a blocker of one of the breakdown products of testosterone, which seems to affect hair loss. It has few side effects, so we always recommend trial of this medication for almost all of our hair transplantation patients. It has to be taken life-long and some physicians believe that even in the 1 milligram dose it might have good effects on the prostate over the long term, preventing some of the growth that ultimately causes problems in older men.

Here are a few words about the hairline position, as seen in this photograph. The face can be divided into thirds, with the distance between the chin and the bottom one-third, the distance from the bottom of the nose to the eyebrows another third, and the distance from the eyebrows to the hairline being another third, roughly. The hairline might reasonably be placed a full centimeter above this top of the top third of the face. The shape of this hairline is a fairly classically drawn hairline with concave aspects towards the sides and the convex aspect on the front. Preserving the temporal or sidewall areas that have no hair is very important for a natural-looking male hairline. If the hairline is filled in straight across, as some patients request, a very unnatural look is produced that might be appropriate for certain ethnic groups only.