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Case Number: 244

Case 244 before Before Case 244 after After

Case: 244

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho
Patient Gender: Male

This patient underwent one procedure with approximately 1000 grafts. A fantastic result for such a minimal, single procedure. Notice the high, natural hairline. Hairline placement is roughly measured from the brows to the hairline to be the same distance as between your nose bottom to the chin plus a centimeter. Higher hairlines than this usually look pretty good, and lower ones can look unnatural.

This example illustrates one of the important rules of hair transplantation. That is, we always fill the front before working on the back. Although this man could have achieved higher density on the front should he desire another procedure, we generally do not suggest our patients put many grafts in the back. The reason: as the natural maturation process produces lowering of the rear hairline and the rear side hairline, more hair has to be transplanted into this area. This results in a phenomenon that the physicians call "chasing the fringe." This means that for a relatively small amount of donor hair on the back and the sides of the head, the patient might be forced to undergo repeated hair transplantation procedures in order to not look odd with a strange tuft of hair in the middle and a balding ring around the outside.

The main goal of hair transplantation is to frame the face as seen from the front in an upright position. This procedure very effectively framed this gentleman's face and this hair that looks a little bit thin in the front actually looks very good when you look straight on at his frontal view or his side view. The reason why this photograph is presented here is to show honestly the degree of thickening that can be expected from a single 1000-graft hair transplantation session. Other views deceptively may imply complete fill of hair. Transplanted crown (top of head) hair is rarely as dense as the hair from the side or the back of the head.