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Case Number: 245

Case 245 before Before Case 245 after After

Case: 245

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho
Patient Gender: Male

This patient underwent one procedure with approximately 1000 grafts.He shows a great deal of density when viewed from the front. If we were to show his photograph looking straight down from the top, he would not show quite as good density from his transplant session. However, this is an excellent result and achieves our goal, which was properly framing the face.As most patients understand, local anesthetic is used for hair transplantation. What most patients do not understand is that if no sedation is used, injecting with those needles can be a bit painful and anxiety-provoking. We have a certified surgical center at Dr. Yoho's office and we always like to use medications to accomplish hair transplant as a no-pain procedure, or nearly a no-pain procedure. This is done with small amount of intravenous medication that lasts just long enough for us to place the local anesthetic in the appropriate spots. Then, there is generally very little discomfort after this. But at patient request, more pain or relaxation medicines can be given during the case to ensure complete comfort.