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Case Number: 246

Case 246 before Before Case 246 after After

Case: 246

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho
Patient Gender: Male

Approximately 7 months post operation
This patientt underwent one procedure with approximately 1000 grafts. Note: no attempt was made to fill in the crown of the head, because the best results are to be had if the surgeon concentrates on "framing the face" with the new hair.

Curly hair produces more "coverage" than straight hair. Curly hair also disguises hair grafts better than straight hair, and can be used in slightly larger quantities per graft than straight hair. Asian hair, on the other hand, may limit the surgeon to 1 to 2 hairs per graft because it is so straight. If larger grafts with more hairs are used for Asians, a "pluggy" look might be seen. This individual's result is unusually good for a thousand grafts, because of this relatively curly nature of his hair.

The modern hair surgeons use micro-grafts, which are 1 to 2 hairs, and mini-grafts, which are 3 to 5 hairs, to make up their hair transplants. The hairline should be filled micro-grafts only in most cases, so a disguise for any slightly irregular or "pluggy" effect is effected.

The hair is taken from the back of the head, generally right on the little bump in the middle or "occipital protuberance" in a strip that runs horizontally. This incision removes the hair to be ultimately transplanted to the front of the head. The hair is precisely diced up into the units of several follicles to be transplanted. The incision in our office is closed with a special stitch that runs under the skin and no staples are used. This makes for more comfortable closure and a cleaner scar which is less likely to spread open in the long run.

The site where the grafts are placed in front is anesthetized with local anesthetic and then slits are made in the appropriate area with an 18-gauge needle and the grafts are transplanted into these slits.

This gentleman if he wants could have thicker hair with a new session of transplants, but he was happy at this point. He should take Propecia also because that will help preserve the hair that he has on the top of his head prior to the surgery. This hair, which is miniaturizing, can thicken and improve as a result of the use of the Propecia.