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Case Number: 348

Case 348 before Before Case 348 after After

Case: 348

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho
Patient Gender: Male

There are no photographs in this section of our website because we do not believe that photographs are necessary for proper comprehension of this surgery, and also believe that such photographs of this area would not be appropriate to put on our website.

Many younger or older women have labia that are too large and unsightly. This can occur even before childbirth. They may often interfere with intercourse and can be very embarrassing. Labia reduction is an easy procedure with recoveries that are minimal. The patient can choose exactly how they want their labia to look postoperatively by marking their own body with a special marker before the procedure. We always use sedation, so the patient does not have any memory or feeling of the local anesthetic injected into the labia. After the injection is made, and we wait a period so the local anesthetic works well, the extra labia is trimmed away, and the edges are stitched together. A special stitch that dissolves just at the right time is used. If the dissolving stitch stays for more than about 10 days, it becomes quite a nuisance in this area and has to be removed, which is painful. If the stitch dissolves too quickly, the labia incisions open up and this is irritating. Probably the best suture to use for this procedure in Dr. Yoho's opinion is chromic gut at a diameter 4-0. This stitch dissolves just in time and does not have to be removed in most cases, and does not allow the areas to open up.

Some patients are concerned about sensitivity or a problem with the clitoris after the procedure. Generally, the skin around the clitoris is not operated on unless it is very excessive (this will be discussed at the time of your consultation if necessary). We work on the area below the clitoris, in the area of the excess labia. We have never had a person complain of change in sensitivity or sexual problems after this procedure, and never have had to touch up any labia surgery that we have performed.

The most important thing for labia reduction procedures or labia plastic surgery/labiaplasty is to get the patient involved with the procedure and have her make the decision about just the exact amount of trim of the area she wants.