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Case Number: 289

Case: 289 before Before Case: 289 after After

Case: 289

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho
Patient Gender: Female

This Los Angeles area woman came to our Pasadena office with the request that she have breast enlargement/implant surgery. We went through the process of choosing her implant with her, carefully sizing it by trying on successively larger implants using the clothes she likes to wear. We like to try on implants until the patient actually says that the implant tried on is too large. That way we are sure that we had the right size. Learn more about how we choose implants in the popular article Judy wrote at implant choice article. Lots of patients print this up and study it. After working with this patient for at least an hour, we found that she wanted to go from her small B cup to a large C. This isn't an obvious conclusion and patients have to be carefully educated as to their options by the process of trying on bras.

We were able to achieve excellent cleavage for this woman, even though her nipples are wide apart. The general rule is to center the implant under the nipple, and generally if a person has a big chest or has widely spaced nipples like this case a "lower profile" or larger-diameter implant is better in order to get the proper cleavage.

This implant was saline (salt water solution) and under the muscle, as 80 or so percent of implants are these days in the United States. She had a very easy recovery, because the implant was inserted through the belly button, rolled up like a taquito and inflated through a long tube, which is of course then removed. Recoveries for this "trans-umbilical" or TUBA approach are much easier than recoveries for surgeries that cut directly through the breast tissue in order to place the implant, such as the "peri-areolar" approach. I think the breast tissue hurts with the peri-areolar approach, because usually it is burned by the electrical cautery in order to stop bleeding. With TUBA, there's no need for cautery because the cases almost never bleed, and the breast tissue is not cut at all: the implant goes under it. You may have friends who had sub-muscular, peri-areolar breast implants, and they usually have several days with lots of breast pain requiring Vicodin® or other strong pain medicines that may cause nausea and vomiting. Our patients usually need only Tylenol® after the first 24 hours.

This woman was happy she came to Pasadena and didn't have to pay Beverly Hills prices to get her outstanding result!

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