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Case Number: 349

Case 349 before Before Case 349 after After

Case: 349

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho
Patient Gender: Female
Race: Latin American descent

This patient shows how the belly button breast implant (TUBA) transumbilical breast augmentation can look after only 10 days.  Note that the implants are still a little bit high and in the side view do not look completely natural.  There is a bulge in the top of the side view that should fall a bit in time and make these breasts look just fantastic.  Minimal bruising might be seen in the after front view.  This lady has significant cleavage even though her nipples are fairly far apart, because the width of the implant was properly chosen.  The implant should be centered on the nipple more or less, and this one will be as soon as the implant falls a little bit.  There is also significant breast swelling.  Dr. Yoho never understood this until he operated on just one breast.  The breast that was operated on was significantly bigger, over a cap size than the other breast, during the postoperative recovery.   

One of the objects of breast implant surgery is to not have the breasts fall out into the armpit very much, and in this case I think we achieved that.  The shiny quality of the breast will go away as the skin adjusts to the implant.  Notice that there is no significant bruising or streaking in the patient’s abdomen, even though there is a tunnel from the belly button or umbilicus up to the breast, made in order to put the implant in its place.  Sometimes however, there is bruising and irregularity in the abdomen for a period of a week to several months.  

This procedure took approximately 35 minutes and the patient had very little postoperative discomfort.  She needed just Tylenol after the first 24 hours post operatively, nothing stronger.  The implants were submuscular, and submuscular implants when put through other approaches are often very painful for days.  She is form the Los Angeles area and was operated on in our Pasadena surgical center. 


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