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Case Number: 187

Case 187 before Before Case 187 after After

Case: 187

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho
Patient Gender: Female


This woman decided to meet with Dr. Yoho to find out how to smooth out her lumpy abdomen and achieve a fuller, more proportionate breast shape. In her consultation, Dr. Yoho explained a few different combination approaches, focusing on a few that would meet her goals most effectively. Based on the patient's body type and goals, he helped her plan her liposuction and choose the right implants for her breast enlargement in Los Angeles.

Dr. Yoho provides both saline and silicone implants and offers a number of different approaches for the implant procedure. Two of the most popular approaches require only a tiny incision in either the armpit or the navel to insert and fill the implant. These approaches allow for a smoother and nearly scarless result, for a more natural appearance overall. In each breast augmentation consultation, Dr. Yoho also discusses other factors such as the natural width of your torso, which helps determine factors like the size and profile of the implant.

The patient was highly pleased with the results of both her liposuction and her breast enlargement in Los Angeles. Notice how the proper placement of the implant gave the patient beautiful cleavage in both the lower and upper breast areas. At one month post-procedure these implants are still a little high, but they will drop slightly as they settle in, for a more natural look. Even so, the patient is already very happy with her care and results, saying, "I will continue to recommend Dr. Yoho, Judy, and the entire staff."

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