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Case Number: 323

Case 323 before Before Case 323 after After

Case: 323

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho
Patient Gender: Female
Race: Latin American descent


This young Los Angeles woman had relatively average-looking breasts but wanted to achieve a fuller shape through breast enlargement in Los Angeles. Her initial shape was close to a B cup. Because she had a good amount of tissue to start with, she had the choice between having her breast implants placed under the chest muscle, or just behind the breast glands. After discussing the advantages of each with Dr. Yoho, the patient decided on saline implants placed behind the breast glands.

For patients who have very little breast tissue to start with, sub-muscular placement is generally more effective because the muscle hides the contour of the implant and allows the skin to stretch to accommodate the gentler curve that the muscle creates. For patients with a larger amount of pre-existing breast tissue, though, subglandular implants are an attractive option because they generally allow for a faster and more comfortable recovery. Also, they generally do not start out as high or drop as much as silicone implants.

This patient's implants were placed through a tiny incision hidden in her armpit. Using thin, precise instruments, Dr. Yoho created the implant pocket. After inserting an empty, temporary implant balloon, Dr. Yoho filled it with air to gauge the pocket's size and position, then adjusted the pocket appropriately. He then re-positioned the implant and filled it with precise amounts of saline solution and closed the incision.

After her surgery we see very pleasing, balanced results from this procedure by Los Angeles breast enlargement surgeon Dr. Yoho. The patient enjoys a more rounded form and attractive, well-defined cleavage line, both typical of the subglandular approach.