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Case Number: 383

Case 383 before Before Case 383 after After

Case: 383

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho
Patient Gender: Female
Race: Latin American descent

This breast implant case consisted of saline implants inserted through the armpit using an incision that was placed about as high up in the armpit as is possible and about 2/3 of an inch long. No other incision was needed. The implants were "high profile", smooth implants that were rolled up like a taco and put in a space made with long, curved, blunt instruments using local anesthetic and our simple sedation technique with propofol. This space is over the muscle but under the skin or "fascia" of the muscle, and this is a nice procedure when there is significant quantity of breast tissue. When the patient has almost no breast tissue, it's more conventional to place the implant under the muscle. Note: the left nipple and breast itself was significantly higher (and smaller) than the right, and the patient was unwilling to have any scarring around the areola in order to reposition things. So the compromise was to have a difference between the breasts or some "asymmetry" of breast height in the final results. Also, there was more fluid placed in the smaller breast to make the volume of the final result more even. The patient can of course position the breasts with a bra to make them symmetrical. This cosmetic surgery case was from the Visalia/Fresno area. The "after" photos were taken about a month after the procedure.