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Case Number: 355

Case 355 before Before Case 355 after After

Case: 355

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho
Patient Gender: Female
Race: European descent

This patient had a large implant placement and breast lift performed at the same time. The incision was that of a "vertical mastopexy" or "ice cream cone" with the one scar down the front of the breast and around the areolae. No scars were placed under the breast in the crease. This photo is early, showing what we felt was an excellent result, despite a difference in height of the areolae. However, the patient thought her breasts were somewhat different in size and we ended up doing a touch up procedure where we replaced an implant and did a little lift on one size. All this was performed in our AAAHC certified surgical center in Visalia, California. The purpose of putting this case on the website is to point out to our patients several things. First, placement of an implant and doing the lift at the same time often leads to complications and dissatisfactions. It's better to do the lift first, wait 4 to 6 months, and then place the implant. The chances of problems are MUCH lower if the procedures are done in stages. This holds true for every surgeon, and some of the surgeons with the most breast surgery experience in the USA have decided to ONLY perform the procedures in sequence rather than together. Second, we want to emphasize that these surgeries are sometimes a process that lasts more than one procedure. If you are having an imperfect result, we will do our best to improve it, and make it economical for you. This patient was very happy with her final result, after her second surgery (not shown). Third, we want to emphasize also that Dr. Yoho is not perfect and he works with imperfect bodies and results are not always perfect. The doctor who puts only perfect work on their website is not showing the whole picture or telling the whole truth.