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Case Number: 359

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Case: 359

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho
Patient Gender: Female
Race: European descent

This 40 year old woman had a breast lift. She later decided to have a silicone implant placed also (photos pending, stay tuned, she had an even better result). She waited six months after her breast lift was performed before she decided to have the silicone implant. This time interval between procedures is wise, because it gives the patient the best chance of having a great result and a much lower rate of complications. This is because the natural healing process makes the scars mature and there is less chance of the implant dropping and the breast assuming an unattractive shape. If these two procedures (breast lift and implant) are combined, problems are much more frequent. Note that the final result here shows areolae that are not exactly the same size. This could have been fixed with another small surgery, but the patient didn't care a bit, she loved her result!

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